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Reason #10: Promotes a positive body image! 
A positive body image is so important in the development of children. It is something that will follow them for the rest of their life. Dancing teaches kids to love the skin they’re in and appreciate every day we are able to dance!





Reason #9: Dance promotes self discipline!
Not only does dance promote self discipline with its class structure, but also outside of the studio. Kids learn to work hard to develop their skills as a dancer, and improve in all dance styles. Students learn very quickly, that with proper instruction they can do anything they put their mind to. But it all starts with the discipline it takes to come to class and focus on the lessons!




Reason #8: Dance helps kids learn patience & perseverance!
Students learn at a young age that not everything comes easy. When it comes to dance, good things take time! Dancers learn skills in the studio that they then have to take home and practice over and over again. They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill, and dancers are constantly working to master their craft.




Reason #7: Dance promotes an active and healthy lifestyle!
Dance is the perfect blend of sports and art. It allows kids to express them self as well as work on fitness. They quickly realize how good it feels to work hard and break a sweat! When kids grow up dancing they get used to constantly being active and this follows them throughout their life.




Reason #6: Dance teaches kids how to set & achieve goals!
In each dance class students learn skills that they work on through the course of their dance career. Dancers learn that there are always things they can improve on, so their instructors teach them strategies on how to achieve their goals. Setting and achieving goals is a life skill that when taught young will be instilled in students future!




Reason #5: Dance allows kids to make long lasting friendships!
Although dance is an art form it is also just as much a team sport. Kids learn to work together to reach common goals and grow as a team. Kids always look forward to coming to class to see their friends because let’s face it.. Dance friends are forever friends!




Reason #4: Dance teaches problem solving!
How often do we find ourself getting into tricky situations that we calmly have to find a way out of? Dancers find themselves in situations like this each and every class! Whether it is learning a new skill and using the knowledge of their body to figure out how to execute it, or just figuring out who is going to be first in line going across the floor 😉  Dancers learn to work on their problem solving techniques to better themselves as dancers and as people… and they always do it with style and grace!



Reason #3: Dance helps kids learn self expression!
Self expression is not always something that comes naturally to each of us. Because dance is as much an art as it is a sport, it gives kids a great platform to express them self. No matter what it is they want to express, dance allows them to do so in a safe environment. This skill will follow kids as they grow up and find them self in difficult situations, they will have a better understanding of how to genuinely express their emotions because of their dance background!



Reason #2: Dance promotes self confidence!
From the studio to the stage, kids are always working on becoming more and more confident in themselves. In the studio, kids learn new skills all the time and when they finally are able to master them it gives them a sense of accomplishment. As well when they hit the stage, they get used to working on performing in front of an audience from a young age. All these things give kids the confidence to be able to stand in the spotlight and be proud of who they are!



Reason #1: Dance is FUN!
Among all the other AMAZING things kids learn through dance, at the end of it the most important thing is that they have fun! Having fun is so important because it gives kids the drive to develop a passion for what they love. When kids develop a passion for something they can go so far with it and that is what makes the foundation for all the other reasons dance is so great for kids.

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