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Dance Pointe Toronto

Your Home for Dance Excellence

At Dance Pointe Toronto, we’re more than a dance studio; we’re a family dedicated to nurturing the art of dance. Founded by passionate dance professionals, our studio has become a beacon of excellence in dance education in Toronto. We take pride in our warm, inclusive environment where every student’s dance dream is taken seriously, whether they’re stepping into their first class or mastering advanced techniques.

Dance Pointe Toronto

WE exsist to

Celebrate Passion, Community, & Dance!

Our Philosophy


We believe dance is for everyone. Our mission is to make dance accessible, enjoyable, and enriching for students of all ages and skill levels. Our diverse programs are designed to offer a comprehensive dance education, blending technique with creativity and joy. At Dance Pointe Toronto, every leap, turn, and step is a step towards self-expression, confidence, and artistic growth.

Awards & Recognition

Soon to be CDM professionals teaching an advanced ballet class in our renowned studio.


Learn from the Best

Our faculty consists of renowned dance educators, choreographers, and performers with a wealth of experience. They are not just teachers but mentors who guide each student on their unique dance journey. With backgrounds in various dance forms, our instructors bring a rich tapestry of dance knowledge and a compassionate approach to teaching.

Budding dancers at a Toronto dance school practicing for their annual showcase.



Dance Pointe Toronto is deeply rooted in the community. We participate in local events, host recitals, and offer performance opportunities for our students. These experiences not only showcase our dancers’ talents but also foster a sense of belonging and achievement.



From Ballet to Hip Hop, Contemporary to Tap, our programs cater to a broad spectrum of dance styles. We offer classes for toddlers starting their dance adventure, for youngsters exploring different dance forms, and for teens refining their technique and artistry. Our adult classes and special workshops ensure that the joy of dance is accessible at every stage of life.